Falling in Love #119 (1970)

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    Audrey Hepburn by Milton Greene for Gigi, 1951


    I think that [Mulder and Scully’s] relationship is defined not by what’s being said, but by what’s being withheld. But it’s absolutely plain that they love each other — in their own way. It’s the best kind of love. It’s unconditional. It’s not based on a physical attraction, but on a shared passion for life and for their quest. These are romantic heroes, romantic heroes in the literary tradition.

    —Chris Carter

    Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, 1954

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    Audrey Hepburn photographed in Copenhagen, 1958

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    Vivien Leigh

    Edie Sedgwick, photographed by Nat Finkelstein; December,  1965

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    Vintage Photo Booth Pictures, c. 1930s-1960s

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    Audrey Hepburn photographed by Jean-Claude Sauer in Paris, on September, 1991

    Jimi Hendrix walking down Carnaby Street, London, June 1967.

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    James Dean checks his car before a race in Palm Springs, March 1955.

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    Who is your cinematic crush?

    AAAAWWW GEORGE, who knew you were a fanboy???

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